Every now and then I come across people mentioning that endings are a tough thing but on the contrary beginning a new venture is as tough as it gets. You are always anxious to know what lies ahead and excited to jump into it being afraid at the same time how it will turn out. As every Tom, Dick and Harry I too have decided to start a “blog”. In my opinion blogs are a great way to let your creativity out. It also involves is a huge risk of making a fool out of yourself that too in front of the whole world. To console my bounding pulse and jittery nerves I often remind myself that as a kid I have often done that several times and publicly too. It is a whole new level of freedom combined with insanity and fear at the same time. The level of experience is extremely varied as you get to know what others think and perceive. It is a good way to grow in life.

Coming back to the “blog”, it often made me think that is it necessary to write an introduction? Should I just start posting or should I create an ambience for my readers, if I manage to get a few of them that is. It was also important to find a decent blog title and as I was not able to find anything exotic I decided to go with the very basic intent of the blog and made a title out of it. I like many things and have varied interests and one of my life’s purpose is to explore oneself, one’s life and this planet  (if possible, the space.. fingers crossed!!) as much as one can in this single serving of life God has given. It has been rightly said that one cannot see or experience everything himself and one should learn from others and their experiences as well. I sincerely hope that someday something out of this blog helps someone even if in the smallest way possible.




P.S.- You might find few same articles in other blog on this site or on blogger but rest assured they are my work. This blog is a fresh start to compile everything under one sun.


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